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Since Fair Agenda launched its first campaigns in March 2014, members across the country have come together to drive change on issues that matter to them, winning change through campaigns like...

All male line up?

Win! What a joke!

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: In 2014 when Just for Laughs made headlines for their all male pre-sale line-up, Fair Agenda members called on festival organisers to address their gender problem, and worked together to make sure this issue dominated the festival's social media in the first weeks of promotions. When the...

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Unis: stop leaving rape survivors without adequate support

Win! Hotline for student survivors of Uni sexual violence

Great news! After weeks of campaign pressure, Australia’s Universities have just announced that they will establish the dedicated specialist counseling hotline for students affected by sexual assault that Fair Agenda members and partners have called for! -- Previous: Right now students at Australian universities are being sexually assaulted at an...

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Geoff Shaw

Victory! Premier blocks maverick MP's attack on reproductive rights

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Premier Napthine has told media that "while I am Premier, I will now allow Mr Shaw to introduce any legislation seeking to change abortion laws in Victoria". It's a great win - congratulations to everyone who was involved in the campaign! ---- Earlier this month Shaw...

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Win! Myer: Please don't promote unhealthy body image

GREAT NEWS! We delivered your signatures to Myer's flagship Sydney store on Tuesday 17th June, making headlines around the country! Myer have now told Channel 10 news they aren't planning on buying any more of the dolls. It's a positive and important step forward. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the campaign....

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WA Senate Candidate Survey Results

After the Facebook content recently shared by the Australian Sports Party, Fair Agenda members expressed serious concern about where the candidates for the WA election stand on issues affecting women. As a result, this week Fair Agenda asked representatives from each of the parties running in the WA election...

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Abortion rights: where do they stand?

Abortion: Where do Vic election candidates stand?

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Thanks to Fair Agenda members, during the Victorian election campaign we were able to show where 140 candidates stand on critical reproductive rights issues. Our candidate survey and its results were covered in both major Victorian papers the Herald Sun and The Age, and our information on candidate...

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No one should lose their job while they're on maternity leave

No one should be ousted while on maternity leave

It’s just days since Federal Minister Kelly O'Dwyer gave birth, and now attacks are being launched within the Liberal Party to try and have her ousted.[1] Ms O’Dwyer is the first woman to have a baby while serving in Cabinet. Just last week she spoke out to champion...

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Sports party

What does the Sports Party stand for?

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: After more than 450 Fair Agenda members took action in this campaign, the story got picked up by 6 different news outlets, including the ABC, Daily Life and Triple J News. Then the Sports Party's lead candidate Wayne Dropulich was asked to explain why he thought the...

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NSW MPs: Vote to protect patients from harassment at abortion clinics

WIN! On the 8th of June 2018 the NSW Parliament voted to legislate safe access zones in NSW! Thank you to all the Fair Agenda members who signed the petition, emailed or called their MP, donated, or turned up to be part of the rallies in support of the laws....

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Tell the right story

Violence against women: Tell the right story

- Campaign dated October 2014 - *TW: discussion of domestic violence News reporting of domestic violence plays a critical role in setting the tone for community attitudes. The way journalists and editors choose to write about family violence is vitally important, because the words they use and the stories they focus...

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Family Violence Election scorecard

In the lead up to the Victorian election, the No More Deaths Alliance - made up of family violence experts working across the state - identified a set of actions they believe are required to help save the lives of those affected by family violence. Together with Fair Agenda, they...

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An election commitment that could save lives

Intimate partner violence is the leading cause of ill-health and premature death for Victorian women under 45.[1] In the lead up to the Victorian election, domestic violence experts have identified a set of actions they believe can help save the lives of those affected by domestic violence. They're asking...

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Madigan abortion agenda

Stand against attacks on reproductive rights

Last month, our Senate resumed debate on a Bill that is described as the first step in making abortion more difficult to access.1 The bill was introduced by Senator John Madigan -- who is "unashamedly" anti-abortion, and has previously admitted that he would push for further reforms if...

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Libra's absorption problem

Just weeks after Google launched a $50 million program to help address barriers to girls involvement in the science, technology engineering and mathematics sectors; and despite evidence that stereotypes and cultural biases still impede women's success in the 'STEM' areas… Libra have rolled out this new advertising campaign. Libra's website...

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Education reforms that disadvantage women?

Senators: Stand against education reforms that disadvantage women

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Fair Agenda members have hand delivered your signatures to key crossbench Senators around the country, showing the community opposes education reforms that would disadvantage women. Up to $45,000 – that­­’s the amount of extra interest women could end up paying on their degree under the Government’s proposed tertiary...

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WA Senate Election

After seeing the Facebook content recently shared by the Australian Sports Party, Fair Agenda members have expressed concern about where the candidates for the WA Senate election stand on issues affecting women. Earlier this year hundreds of Fair Agenda members came together in communities across the country to tell us...

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G20 to target the gender gap

100 million new jobs for women

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Great news! The G20 have agreed to a global 'gender gap goal' - that, if achieved, will translate into more than 100 million new jobs for women across the G20 nations.  Last week when Prime Minister Abbott announced that Australia would be putting the 'global gender gap' on the G20...

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Stop cuts to this vital service for women affected by family violence

VICTORY! After months of campaigning by Fair Agenda members, in partnership with Community legal workers, domestic violence groups, survivor advocates and others - the Turnbull Government announced on the 24th April a full reversal to the three years of scheduled cuts to Community Legal Centres!  --Community Legal Centres are a...

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Win! Walking alone is not "an invitation"

CAMPAIGN UDPATE: Cnr. Mack has now issued an unreserved apology for his comments. Read more here. Thanks to everyone who was part of this campaign. ---- This week, after a young woman was allegedly sexually assaulted in the town, Albury Mayor Kevin Mack reportedly told media: “I...

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Where do the major parties stand on Fair Agenda's campaign issues?

Fair Agenda is a community of 37,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and equal future for women. This election Fair Agenda surveyed the three major parties to find out where they stand on four key issues that our members have been campaigning on. We worked with Domestic Violence NSW, Domestic...

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Stop cuts to working parents' time to care

UPDATE - GREAT NEWS: After two years of powerful campaigning by Fair Agenda members and other concerned community members, the cuts to paid parental leave have been taken out of the federal budget. It's a really important reprieve for the tens of thousands of working families who stood to lose...

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News editors of Australia: Will you make this one simple change?

Imagine if every newspaper article about family violence included the helpline number. It's 1800 RESPECT. It's free to call. It can help save lives and it helps vulnerable people every day. And astoundingly, most newspapers simply don't bother to include it.  Australia’s domestic violence crisis is making headlines around the...

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Good news: Immigration Minister Dutton: It's the least you could do

Campaign Update: Abyan has arrived in Australia for medical treatment and has thanked the Australians who rallied to ensure she was brought to the mainland for her termination procedure.  ---- A 23 year-old refugee woman who has allegedly been raped on Nauru, and who is now pregnant as...

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Economic team

The Greens have a new economic team, and they're all dudes

Speaking to Fairfax about the new line-up, party leader Richard Di Natale said that "the economy's got to serve people, not the other way around." He's right. But right now, the economy is leaving half the population with a gender pay gap of 18.8% and a superannuation gap of 45.7%....

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Family court

No one should have to be cross-examined by their abuser

WIN! The Government finally passed a hugely important reform that will protect victim-survivors in Family Court. This campaign came about because of the incredible bravery and advocacy of Eleanor, a survivor of family violence who asked Fair Agenda members to stand with her and the Women’s Legal Services Australia...

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Punished for fleeing danger?

Great news! After campaigning pressure from Fair Agenda and our partners, NSW Parliament has passed new reforms to provide greater protection to domestic violence survivors and their families. These reforms will allow victim survivors to end their tenancy immediately without penalty. - Imagine having to flee your...

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When 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon was raped and killed on her way home from work, Victoria police responded by telling people to “take responsibility for your own safety”. But women don’t need advice about taking responsibility for our safety. We need men to stop making us unsafe. Dictating or...

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Let them share their story

It takes a lot of courage for someone to share their experience of sexual harassment. The fear of jeopardising their career or being perceived as a “victim” often prevents people from coming forward. The fear of legal consequences shouldn’t be an added barrier preventing someone from telling their...

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