Guide for submissions to the Jenkins review

The Jenkins Review into the Australian Parliament workplace is a critical opportunity to secure recommendations to make staff  safe, and ensure elected members are held to higher standards of integrity.   

The Fair Agenda movement is committed to advocating for safe and respectful workplaces, including federal parliament. To support current and former staffers in making submissions as part of the Jenkins Review, Fair Agenda has drawn on advice from experts in violence prevention and response to compile the below resource. 

This guide provides information on best practice and leading initiatives to create safe and respectful workplaces. For ease of use, the guide has been divided into specific themes that relate to questions in the Jenkins review. These themes include brief background information and recommendations on proposed solutions to support safe workplaces. 

It is hoped that this guide acts as a resource for current and former parliamentary staff who may want to reference or express support for expert-sourced information and good practice models, alongside their own personal experiences and insights. 

Fair Agenda draws its strength from our movement of 44,000 people who are using our collective people-power to fight for a world where gender doesn’t diminish our worth, safety, security or agency. 

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How to contribute to the Jenkins review

You can contribute to the Jenkins review by making a named or anonymous submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission. If you are a current parliamentary staff member you will also be provided with a Roy Morgan survey to complete.

You can find out more about the review and how you can contribute at the Commission website.