Stop harassment at WA clinics

Stop harassment at WA clinics

Everyone should be able to access the healthcare they need free from harassment.  But unfortunately this isn’t the case for many people accessing abortion care in Western Australia. In fact, staff at some clinics have reported being spat on, called murderers, and having holy water thrown at their cars.[1]

Safe access protections are desperately needed to ensure patients can access the healthcare they need without fear of harassment or intimidation.

Every state except Western Australia and South Australia already has safe access protections in place. The McGowan government has initiated the process and committed to introducing safe access zone legislation.

But you can bet that the anti-choice minority will be fighting reform every step of the way. So we need to show Premier McGowan and all members of the WA parliament that there is strong community support for safe access zones. Will you add your name to the call and sign the petition?


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To all members of WA Parliament,

Everyone should be able to access the healthcare they need free from harassment.

We urge you to support the introduction of 'safe access zones' around abortion clinics, to protect patients and staff from harassment and filming.


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Jeanette , 6418  /  signed 2019-04-17 22:24:11 +1000
"because everyone should be able to chose to do what they want without being harassed they bare adults"
chloe , 6006  /  signed 2019-04-17 11:37:33 +1000
Holly , 4178  /  signed 2019-04-16 07:12:10 +1000
"Because people should never be harrassed & bullied for accessing medical treatment!"
Robert , 6050  /  signed 2019-04-15 16:48:13 +1000
Vanessa , 6021  /  signed 2019-04-15 11:01:16 +1000
Erin , 3216  /  signed 2019-04-13 21:49:32 +1000
Jocelyn , 3915  /  signed 2019-04-13 21:25:57 +1000
Elizabeth , 6154  /  signed 2019-04-13 21:24:58 +1000
"No one should endure harassment around their own healthcare. It is ridiculous that this is still even an issue. Freedom of religion should not include the right to harass vulnerable women."
Arthur , 6082  /  signed 2019-04-13 20:30:42 +1000
Ann , 6025  /  signed 2019-04-13 16:18:14 +1000
"Harassment is not on and everyone should be allowed to choose. I did. One of my friends made me feel guilty for my choice, so strangers should mind their own business."
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