Stop harassment at WA clinics

Stop harassment at WA clinics

No one should be harassed or intimidated when accessing healthcare. But unfortunately it’s a reality for many people accessing reproductive healthcare in Western Australia. 

That's why safe access protections are desperately needed -- to ensure patients can access healthcare without fear of harassment or intimidation. Protections like those already in place in places like Victoria, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.[1]

Right now there’s a key opportunity to make safe access zones happen.

One of the Ministers responsible for this area has just come out in support of the Party backing the introduction of ‘safe access zones’ around clinics that provide reproductive and fertility services.  [2]

It’s a critical step towards law change on this issue. But already groups within the WA Labor Party are campaigning against this proposal, trying to stop the proposal in its tracks. We can’t let that happen. Having the party in government adopt this policy is critical to changing the law.

ALP leader and WA Premier Mark McGowan has the potential to be hugely influential in swinging key votes -- but he’s yet to declare his position.

Can you help call on Premier McGowan to champion West Australians safe access to healthcare - by signing and sharing this petition?

More information

[1] This Is How Hard It Is To Get An Abortion In Your State, Buzzfeed, August 4 2017

[2] ‘Safe zone’ around abortion clinics in WA supported by Labor left faction, The West Australian, August 14 2017

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Dear Premier McGowan,

We urge you and your Government to support the introduction of “safe access zones” around abortion clinics, to protect women from being harassed by anti-choice protesters.



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"It is unacceptable that people seeking health care, and/or health care providers, should be subjected to harassment and intimidation. Abortion is no different in this respect to any other health care."
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"These are highly personal matters that no one has the right to challenge. I am so sick of so called “Christians” interfering with women’s choices. Butt out."
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