SA MPs: vote yes to decriminalise abortion

Legislation to provide safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care in South Australia is being debated by SA parliament.

The proposed bill would remove abortion from SA’s criminal laws, and instead regulate it as a health matter - with rules similar to those already in place in Victoria and Queensland.

The change is desperately needed - and with each member of parliament expected to be casting an individual 'conscience' vote on the Bill, whether or not it becomes law could come down to just a handful of votes. 

When it comes to access to abortion care - recent history has proven we can't take progress for granted. We're going to need to show decision makers strong community support to ensure this passes the parliament. Will you register your support for safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care?


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We all deserve to feel safe and in control of our lives, but right now archaic abortion laws deny South Australians the legal right to decide they need a termination. Instead, abortion is only legal if two doctors agree that a woman’s physical or mental health is endangered by pregnancy, or for a serious foetal abnormality. (You can find out more here)


We all deserve to feel safe and in control of our lives - and to make decisions about our own reproductive healthcare.

Add your name to show your support for the bill to decriminalise abortion - and provide safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care in SA.

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Latest activity

John , 5112  /  signed 2021-03-23 15:33:01 +1100
"It is about time men got the f*** out of deciding what happens to a woman’s body."
Kimberly , 6016  /  signed 2021-03-19 03:59:59 +1100
Kelli , 5108  /  signed 2021-03-18 14:28:48 +1100
Ruby , 5031  /  signed 2021-02-17 16:48:27 +1100
"Access to safe abortions is a basic human right."
Annette , 5170  /  signed 2021-02-17 14:23:46 +1100
"I’ve been campaigning for abortion to be fully legal for over 40 years. Its every womans right to have safe access to abortion health care. It’s about health not religion. I’m thoroughly fed up with other people’s religious and conservstive views and ideas pushed on other people and on women."
Alexandra , 5022  /  signed 2021-02-17 09:00:08 +1100
"Every person should have access to safe healthcare at any stage in their lives. Decisions around abortion should be made by a patient and their treating doctor. We should not create barriers that put pregnant people at risk. There is no empirical evidence that decisions around abortion and late term abortion are ever made flippantly. This is a stressful process that should be safe to access."
Lucy , 5043  /  signed 2021-02-17 08:50:33 +1100
"Because no one, especially no man or religious group should have any say in what happens to my body. No one other than those in the situation have any idea what the people are going through so only those affected should have any say in what happens. Offering safe and compassionate ways of getting this healthcare isn’t some “extreme liberal agenda” it is basic human decency, and anyone who votes against it or adds in degrading amendments should be honest in their disregard for woman’s health and safety and admit that they really don’t care about these people and just like holding power over those less powerful. Because there is no legitimate or humane reason to not support this bill. People who oppose it will be judged extremely harshly by all decent people."
Martins , 5066  /  signed 2021-02-17 08:15:54 +1100
"Placing choice with the person is paramount. It’s a heath issue, not a criminal one"
Lisa , 5038  /  signed 2021-02-16 16:29:30 +1100
"Safe, legal access to abortion is way over due. Get it done!"
Megan , 5007  /  signed 2021-02-16 16:05:02 +1100
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