Make sure our next parliament will act for our safety

We all deserve to be safe in our homes, workplaces, public spaces and communities: no matter our gender. Over and again, too many of our leaders have failed us when it matters most. Women - and all genders marginalised by the patriarchy - have been demanding that politicians prioritise our safety and act on the change we need to eliminate gender-based violence.

That momentum has focused a spotlight on the failures of our politicians and institutions to keep us safe, and the public conversation has been fierce. Now, with an election looming, we have an unprecedented opportunity to show candidates there’s a political cost if all they have to offer is platitudes and inaction.

We’re powerful when we work together. We need to send a strong signal that we’re a force that can’t be ignored this election, and that those elected to our next parliament must act for our safety.

That’s why Fair Agenda are gathering a force across the country - from every postcode and all walks of life - to turn out the vote for women’s safety.

Will you join the campaign?

Join the campaign for women's safety this election

I’ll join the campaign to make sure that ending gender-based violence is a priority this election - and that our next parliament will act for our safety.

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Shae , 2285  /  signed 2022-04-03 21:24:03 +1000
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"If women are safer the world will be a better place"
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Judith , 2540  /  signed 2022-04-03 08:40:51 +1000
Jo-Anne , 2906  /  signed 2022-04-03 08:08:32 +1000
"This needs to be taken seriously! There have been too many lives lost, too many minds damaged, too many people physically hurt, to many lives forever changed because of the Governments failure to step up and do the right thing."
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