About Fair Agenda

Fair Agenda is a community of 43,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and gender equal future - so we can all live with safety, security, and agency.

Fair Agenda combines the people-power of our 43,000 strong movement with that of policy experts, service providers, survivors and other advocates to win change. We drive strategic campaigning that keeps a spotlight on problems that need solving, builds momentum behind expert-backed solutions, and mobilises community pressure when and where it can have the most impact.

What we stand for

We’re working for a future in which our gender doesn't diminish our safety, economic security, or agency over their lives and bodies. And we know the only way to achieve that is if we change the structures and systems that disadvantage women.

Fair Agenda knows that the experience and impact of gender discrimination is inseparable from other forms of discrimination. These intersecting discriminations not only compound, but also morph the barriers and obstacles different members of the community face to achieving safety, dignity and equality.

Fair Agenda works to change the systems that perpetuate gender injustice. We advocate for all women, and challenge patriarchy in all its forms, including where it intersects with other forms of discrimination.

We believe that a better future is possible, and that the actions we each take can help shape it. We know our power lies in working together, because when we come together to stand up on issues we believe in, we can drive powerful change.

How we do it

In order to drive the long-term policy change we need and deserve, it will take a broad and powerful campaigning community able to influence the national policy agenda. Fair Agenda is building that movement - to ensure that the community who support fairness and equality are more influential than the noisy minority who oppose progress.

Fair Agenda members take strategic action on the issues that matter to them – whether its tackling gendered violence, protecting reproductive rights, or championing women's economic equality. Our movement exists to build community power, and use it to influence political, business and media leaders to make decisions that will lead to better outcomes for women.

Our community takes strategic actions to influence decision-makers in key moments. That can look like: going to meet with MPs, crowdfunding research, staging media stunts to get our issue in the headlines, flooding their inboxes with emails sharing the stories of people harmed by unfair policies, and using our consumer power to create positive change.

What we’ve achieved

Together, the Fair Agenda community has played a critical role in:

  • securing $150 million of additional federal funding to address family violence;
  • Winning safe and legal access to abortion care in Qld, NSW and SA; and safe access zone protections in Qld, NSW, SA and WA.
  • stopping almost a billion dollars of cuts to working parents' time to care for their newborns that would have hurt 316,000 families so far;
  • stopped $34 million of cuts to Community Legal Centres' work, including their work with women affected by family violence; and
  • secured improvements to sexual violence prevention at university residences.

Plus much more. You can read more about our impact here.

How to get involved

Our power comes from our community coming together and taking action. The more people involved, the greater our collective impact will be. You can get involved by joining a campaign here, or signing up as a Fair Agenda member here.

Signing up as a member means we’ll get in touch with you from time to time about opportunities to drive change. You can then opt-in or out of the actions and issues that matter to you. There’s no fee to get involved.

How we’re funded

As an independent non-profit organisation, Fair Agenda relies on the financial support of our members. Fair Agenda does not accept donations that would compromise our independence, such as government funding or donations from political parties.

If you’d like to help make our campaigns and future impact possible, you can do so by making a donation here.

Want to know more?

You can read about the Fair Agenda team and Board here, read more about our impact here, find out about opportunities to get involved and volunteer here, read our latest media coverage, or contact us here.

For media comment, you can contact Fair Agenda's Executive Director on 0435 597 976


Fair Agenda acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land upon which we work - the land of the Wurundjeri, Boon Wurrung, Gadigal and Awabakul people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.