Good news: Immigration Minister Dutton: It's the least you could do

Campaign Update: Abyan has arrived in Australia for medical treatment and has thanked the Australians who rallied to ensure she was brought to the mainland for her termination procedure. 


A 23 year-old refugee woman who has allegedly been raped on Nauru, and who is now pregnant as a result, is pleading with the Prime Minister to be allowed to come to Australia to have an abortion. But the government isn't responding to her request.1

The woman - being referred to as "Abyan" - is 11 weeks pregnant. Advocates say they have been appealing to the government to act since last week, but have had no response, and that "time is quickly running out... a traumatised and vulnerable woman's health and safety is at stake." 

We know consistent community campaigning has forced the government to act in situations like this before. Can you join the campaign calling on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to urgently address this appalling situation - and help make the call for action so loud the government can't ignore it?

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The United Nations say it's actually illegal to have a termination on Nauru. Further, the hospital facilities and medical practitioners are not equipped to perform such a termination on the island.2

Horrifically, there's a precedent around this issue. Earlier this year a 23-year-old Iranian woman who was allegedly raped on Nauru was flown to Australia for medical treatment -- but it took authorities three weeks and imminent organ failure to transport her.3 We can't let this happen again. Abyan needs urgent access to medical and trauma support services.  

There is an epidemic of sexual violence on Nauru – with weekly reports of catastrophic sexual assaults of refugee women.4

Just weeks ago, Prime Minister Turnbull called violence against women is one of the great shames of Australia. He’s right. And part of that shame is the violence being perpetuated against refugee women on Nauru. Acting to ensure Abyan receives the urgent medical services and trauma support she needs would be a very small step in the right direction. 

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1. Refugee raped on Nauru begs Malcolm Turnbull to let her come to Australia for an abortion, The Age, 6 October 2015.

2. Shorten demands Government help alleged Nauru rape victim seeking abortion, ABC News, 8 October 2015.

3. Family of Iranian woman raped on Nauru at breaking point, say refugee advocates, ABC News, 5 October 2015.

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The Hon. Peter Dutton, MP,

We call on you to urgently act to ensure the woman known as Abyan is brought to Australia for appropriate medical treatment and trauma support.


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"The Australian government contradicts itself. It invests all this money into ‘ending gendered violence’ but when it happens to a woman from elsewhere, they couldn’t care less. This woman is no less deserving of help than any other human being."
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