Our Impact

Since the Fair Agenda movement started campaigning together we've won policy changes that have positively impacted the lives of more than a million women across the country. 

View our recent impact reports here:

Fair Agenda's 2022-23 Impact Report.

Fair Agenda's 2021-22 Impact Report.

Here's a snapshot of Fair Agenda's impact since our launch:

  • We played a critical role in securing commitments from Education Ministers around the country to address sexual violence in universities. Those Ministers have now endorsed an Action Plan that will deliver the oversight, transparency and accountability that we have collectively been campaigning for - to disrupt the system that has allowed universities and residences to put student safety at risk. This transformative reform was the culmination of collective efforts from victim-survivors, students and advocates across the country who have relentlessly campaigned for improved sexual assault prevention and responses for decades. Find out more here.

  • We secured commitments from the majority of current federal parliamentarians to take stronger action for women's safety, through the Pledge for a Safer Future in the lead up to the 2022 federal election.

  • We secured a strong MP Code of Conduct to address sexual violence and gender inequity in federal parliament (You can read more about that campaign here)

  • In collaboration with the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition and Human Rights Law Centre, we secured reforms to decriminalise abortion in South Australia. Together our campaign secured laws for safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care, as well as safe zone protections to prevent picketers from harassing patients and staff at abortion clinics. 

  • We improved respectful relationships and sexuality education. Together with End Rape on Campus Australia we pushed the Morrison Government to remove the 'milkshake consent' and other harmful materials from the Good Society schools resource website. We also worked with survivors, students and safety advocates to push for federal investment in expert-led upskiling of educators being asked to deliver respectful relationships and sexuality education, and mobilising in support of improvements to the national curriculum.
  • Fair Agenda secured key votes and commitments from federal Senators that blocked almost $1 billion of cuts to parental leave that would have denied working parents' time to care for their newborns. These cuts would have hurt more than 79,000 working families each year (you can read more about that campaign here).

  • Joined with LGBTIQ+ advocates and other community groups to help stop the Morrison Government's proposed Religious Discrimination Bill(s) from creating a licence to discriminate, and creating additional barriers to reproductive healthcare access.

  • Fair Agenda drove two years of campaign pressure to help secure an additional $150 million of federal funding to address family violence, and improve access to services.

  • Working with partner organisations we helped stop $34 million of scheduled cuts to Community Legal Centres - which would have left tens of thousands of women without access to the legal support they need to escape and recover from family violence.  

  • We supported services to win a campaign to stop cuts to Safe Phones program - ensuring women affected by domestic violence were still able to access safe technology each month.

  • In partnership with other members of the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance, we secured laws that decriminalised abortion and provided safe and legal access to abortion care in NSW. Over months we mobilised in the thousands to pile on much-needed pressure: sending emails, making calls, showing up for rallies, storming social media and driving media coverage. (You can read more about Fair Agenda's campaigning on this issue here)

  • Fair Agenda worked alongside Women's Legal Service NSW to secure reforms to allow victim-survivors who have to flee their homes to escape domestic violence to end their tenancy without liability.

  • Through campaigning and public accountability measures Fair Agenda has helped push dozens of university residences to improve the quality and quantity of their training to prevent sexual violence. As of November 2018, our national annual survey has secured responses from 130 residences - of which 112 will provide training in consent and preventing sexual violence to all students, and 86 are committed to involving a sexual assault service in training for all students.

  • In 2015, Fair Agenda helped secure an additional $4 million of funding for 1800 RESPECT - to help address the fact that 18,631 calls a year were having to be left unanswered due to inadequate resourcing.

  • In collaboration with the Pro-Choice Queensland, securing safe and legal access to abortion care in Queensland. For more than two years Fair Agenda worked with partners to demonstrate the community support and mandate needed for a majority of Queensland MPs to vote in support of historic legislation to finally decriminalise abortion! (You can read more about this campaign here)

  • Alongside partners, Fair Agenda helped campaign for the passage of safe access zone laws in NSW to improve patient safety and privacy for at reproductive healthcare clinics.

  • Working alongside End Rape on Campus Australia, survivor advocate Nina Funnell and student groups we helped secure a new specialist counseling hotline for university students affected by sexual violence.

  • We helped back a survivor led campaign, in partnership with Women's Legal Services, to stop victim-survivors of domestic violence being directly cross-examined by their perpetrators in Family Court.

  • We were part of a campaign that secured a commitment from the then Victorian Premier Napthine that he wouldn't allow Geoff Shaw MP to introduce changes to roll back Victoria's abortion laws.

Thank you to the many generous supporters who have enabled this impact.

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