Our values

We are impact focused 

Fair Agenda's primary focus is on bringing us closer to a future where we can all be equal, safe, secure, and have agency over our lives - no matter our gender.

We adopt a feminist approach  

We seek to transform the structures and systems that marginalise people on the basis of gender, including when that harm is compounded and morphed by intersecting discrimination.

That also means we:

We challenge patriarchal power structures and norms

We recognise that feminist work is not only political, but also deeply personal; and that it not only impacts the daily lived experience of women, but also all who resist gender stereotypes and norms - including trans and gender diverse people.

Fair Agenda seeks to model fairer ways of working, and to value behaviours and traits often minimised and dismissed as feminine, or gender non-conforming. We recognise the interaction between personal and domestic and professional/public spheres; practice personal and professional respect; and see emotions as powerful and important. 

We recognise that oppressions intersect and interact, and our approach to challenging them must account for this. 

We know that the experience and impact of gender discrimination is inseparable from other forms of discrimination for most members of the community, and that intersecting discriminations not only compound but morph the barriers and obstacles different members of the community face to achieving safety, dignity and equality.

We recognise that valuing the experience of those facing intersecting oppressions supports our collective liberation. We know that liberation is a central pillar of justice, and we seek to amplify the voices of affected communities where possible and appropriate. 

We work with integrity and are responsible in our use of power

We’re led by our values and focus on having a positive impact, not serving individual or organisational ego. We foster relationships of trust and ongoing collaboration. We strive to be supportive allies, through listening and collaboratively acting to support affected communities, rather than speaking for them.

Most importantly, our feminism is active, inclusive and evolving, to ensure our work has impact. 

We are bold and strategic, building a force to be reckoned with 

Fair Agenda fights for what’s needed, not just what’s possible. We keep an eye on the big picture, while still focusing on winning incremental change that makes a difference to people’s lives in the short and medium term. We work to paint a picture of what our members need and deserve, and of a more just and equitable future. We engage respectfully and with integrity; but we’re also strong, decisive and driven. 

We are collaborative 

We seek to combine powers with allies when it’s strategic and values aligned. We combine Fair Agenda's advocacy and campaigning expertise to collaborations with with survivor advocates, policy, service and sector experts to enable the most impact with our limited resources. 

We value our people 

We’re a people powered movement. We respect the time, experience and safety of our community. We know that campaigning on deep systemic issues is a long journey, that it can be challenging and draining. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we embrace a steady pace. We recognise the importance of celebrating wins, and the milestones along the way, as a team and a movement.

We constantly evolve our work

We’re committed to reflecting on our work and engaging critically with whether what we’re doing and how we’re doing it is helping to create the future we envision. We recognise that innovation and new ways of working help us get there, and are willing to try and test new and different things, while maintaining a commitment to measuring and evaluating our impact. We also value feedback when it’s given; to acknowledge any wrongs; and engage with the work needed to improve.