Stop cuts to survivor safety phone program

Stop cuts to survivor safe phones program

A new phone can be a lifeline when a woman is escaping an abuser. It can help her stay safe, stay connected to support systems and service, and prevent further abuse.

Yet the Morrison Government is set to cut funding for the WESNET program that distributes smartphones to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in June. If this decision stands - 600 domestic violence survivors each month will miss out on a new 'safe' phone.

There's still a chance to keep this important program going -- sign the petition to join the campaign to save the safe phones program, and create a wave of backlash Minister Ruston and the Morrison Government can't ignore.

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Sign the petition:

To Social Services Minister Ruston and the Morrison Government,

Domestic violence is a national crisis, and our governments should be ensuring all the services that can help women and their children get safe are funded to meet demand.

We urge you to reinstate funding to the Safe Technology for Women program, to ensure they can continue providing safe devices to women escaping and recovering from violence.


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Nicolle , 4680  /  signed 2020-04-04 05:11:56 +1100
Sharynne , 3550  /  signed 2020-04-03 18:12:13 +1100
Kathy , 4112  /  signed 2020-04-02 21:44:12 +1100
Andree , 3280  /  signed 2020-04-02 17:02:44 +1100
Narelle , 4573  /  signed 2020-04-01 08:49:04 +1100
"Technology facilitated abuse is never acceptable. Having a safe phone that allows to maintain contact with family friends and community is one small thing that will support the many people impacted by DFV.
Amy , 7162  /  signed 2020-04-01 08:36:28 +1100
Sangeeta , 7011  /  signed 2020-03-31 22:31:21 +1100
"Google has reported a 75 per cent spike in searches for help with domestic violence."
Marguerite , 3123  /  signed 2020-03-31 20:46:42 +1100
"I work with victims of violence and I know this need is urgent and real"
Jemma , 3187  /  signed 2020-03-31 18:11:51 +1100
Diana , 3556  /  signed 2020-03-31 16:11:22 +1100
"the safe phones program assists the safety of women experiencing domestic violence and gives them the ability stay connected with services and friends which could and has saved lives."
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