Win! Myer: Please don't promote unhealthy body image

GREAT NEWS! We delivered your signatures to Myer's flagship Sydney store on Tuesday 17th June, making headlines around the country! Myer have now told Channel 10 news they aren't planning on buying any more of the dolls. It's a positive and important step forward. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the campaign.


Campaign via Fair Agenda member Mark in Sydney:

Today while shopping at Myer I came across a Winx Club doll with legs so skinny they looked like they might snap. The image on the side of the box portrayed the doll in a seductive pose - as if she was pole dancing.

I’m genuinely surprised that a store like Myer would stock such a toy, so as a loyal customer, I’m asking them to remove it from their shelves. Will you join me?

It’s hard enough trying to protect my four-year old daughter against the barrage of photo-shopped advertising she sees on billboards and the sides of buses, without underweight and over sexualised toys being marketed directly at her, in doll form.

As a parent, I know how easily children can be swayed by peer pressure and messages of what is normal or cool. When toys portray women’s bodies so skinny that they appear to be starving, it can send a very dangerous message.

Myer's website says they are responsive to feedback, and I'm hoping if enough of us sign the petition, they'll quickly take this product off the shelves.

For support contact The Butterfly Foundation support service on 1800 334 673.


Dear Myer,

Please don’t sell toys that promote unhealthy body image to young girls.


Latest activity

Shauna-Marie , 2017  /  signed 2014-06-18 09:10:24 +1000
"Children must not be targetted with sexualised images, or with images of unrealistic body."
, 5007  /  signed 2014-06-18 05:49:26 +1000
"I have a niece who is anorexic. Her eating disorder has it in her grips and it’s so sad to see her battle with her desire to be thinner. This kind of image does not help young women who are so impressionable, about what kind of body they should have. "
Krystle , 3172  /  signed 2014-06-18 01:30:30 +1000
Linda , 3052  /  signed 2014-06-17 23:32:34 +1000
Kieralee , 4170  /  signed 2014-06-17 22:47:24 +1000
sophie , 2121  /  signed 2014-06-17 22:23:47 +1000
"As a psychology student and young adult I am appalled and outraged at the messages we are portraying to young girls about body image. With ridiculous “toys” like this it is no suprise that the rate of eating disorders is increasing dramatically. Myer stop selling these it is appalling."
Lauren , 5142  /  signed 2014-06-17 22:07:25 +1000
Jay , 2105  /  signed 2014-06-17 21:57:56 +1000
Nadine , 2105  /  signed 2014-06-17 21:56:23 +1000
Rochelle , 2092  /  signed 2014-06-17 21:56:16 +1000
"Give you girls a chance to know normal!"
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