Fair Agenda exists to change systems that perpetuate gender inequity and injustice, to secure a future where we can all live with safety, security and agency - no matter our gender. 

To do this work, we must be able to hold governments accountable if they fail to deliver what’s needed. That means we can’t rely on government funding, and that our campaigns are only possible with the generous support of thousands of people around the country who share our vision and values.

As of June 2024, 2,869 individuals and organisations have contributed to fund Fair Agenda’s campaigns, including 59 individual regular donors.

We’d like to thank each and every person who has given what they can to enable our movement’s advocacy and impact.

Some of Fair Agenda's most recent philanthropic supporters include:

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If you’d like to join the champions contributing vital resources to Fair Agenda’s campaigns, please click here to find out more, or contact the team on [email protected]


Our funding partnership principles

To enable and resource impactful campaigns for gender justice at scale, and to drive change to the systems and structures that disadvantage women and perpetuate gender inequity - we accept donations from individuals, organisations, foundations or companies who share Fair Agenda’s vision.

Fair Agenda does not accept donations that would compromise our ability to deliver on our mission, or take us further from our vision, including:

  • Donations provided on the condition that we restrict the issues our movement would otherwise campaign on, or limit the solutions that we advocate for  - as we’re committed to campaigning independently, ambitiously, and holding governments and corporations to account on issues of gender justice. 
  • Donations from individuals or corporations who engage in public advocacy against gender justice.
  • Donations from corporations or organisations whose core work is contrary to our organisational values or vision for gender justice. 
  • Donations that could be used to excuse or distract from harm, or to mask bad business practices or reputation improvement; without evidence of transformation, amends and/or substantial change.