Together for Choice: FAQs

What is the abortion law in NSW?

The NSW Crimes Act provides that a person can be criminally charged for seeking or providing abortion care in NSW in most circumstances. At present, abortion is only legal when a doctor believes a woman’s physical and/or mental health is in serious danger. Outside these circumstances, penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment can be applied to women, doctors and anyone who assists with the procedure.

This threat of prosecution has a chilling effect on health professional’s willingness to provide abortion care on a daily basis, creates huge gaps in access, and increases the distress, danger and financial burden on those who need to end their pregnancy.


Right now can someone still access abortion care in NSW?

Under the current system, it’s very difficult to access a termination through the public system in NSW. If you go to a public hospital, it’s likely you will be unable to get the care you need. Instead, most people have to turn to private clinics.

There are a small number of private clinics that provide abortion care in NSW. Almost all of them are based on the eastern seaboard, and there are huge gaps in access, which mean many people have to travel hundreds of kilometres to access their nearest service.

This system also creates significant barriers for people experiencing financial insecurity or disadvantage. The costs of accessing this care through the private system often start from around $400. And those who do not live near a provider can also face travel and accommodation costs on top of the cost of the procedure.


Is this campaign affiliated with any political party?

No. Fair Agenda is an independent and non-partisan campaigning organisation. Our community is 35,000 strong (and growing) and our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Together we're advocating for pro-choice policies that will help to create better reproductive healthcare access for New South Wales, and Australia-wide.

Our campaigns often focus on political issues, but our positions are focused on people, not partisan politics.


How can I get involved?

You can sign up to join the campaign on the Together for Choice homepage here.

If you have already signed up and are ready to take action - head on over to our ‘take action’ page by clicking here.

You can also support Fair Agenda’s campaigning by making a once-off or monthly donation. Fair Agenda is committed to being an uncompromising and fierce advocate on issues of women’s rights, so we don't accept donations from Government or other groups that would compromise our independence. Instead we rely on donations from supporters like you to drive these campaigns.

You can also head across and like Fair Agenda's Facebook page so that you can stay up to date on this, and other Fair Agenda campaigns for a fair and equal future for women.