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Donate to the pro-choice fighting fund: help end the criminalisation of abortion in Australia

Right now abortion is still considered a crime in both Queensland and New South Wales. It's a cruel and degrading system that means women are frequently denied the help they need at public hospitals. Can you help win the fight for safe and legal abortion?

There will be another opportunity to end the criminalisation of abortion in Queensland next year. But right now we don't have the number of strong pro-choice MPs we need to pass that legislation. Fair Agenda has a plan to change that at the next Queensland election -- but we're going to need your help to make it possible. 

Earlier this year Fair Agenda commissioned polling that showed 82% of Queenslanders support a woman's right to choose; and that 60% of voters are less like to support an anti-choice candidate. But right now most candidates aren't public about their position. Which makes it really hard for people to cast a vote in line with their values.

Right now we're trying to raise $10,000 to fund the immediate next steps on this campaign. And a generous donor is matching donations up to $5,000. Can you donate now to help make this campaign possible? 

NOTE: Unfortunately, under current laws, donations made directly to Fair Agenda are not tax-deductible. If you require tax-deductibility for your donation, please contribute via our preferred donor relationship with the NFAW by clicking here, and selecting Fair Agenda from the 'organisation or fund' list under 'Donation details'. 

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The only way to end the criminalisation of Queenslanders' healthcare decisions is with a majority of strong pro-choice MPs in the next Queensland parliament willing to vote for safe and legal abortion. We know 82% of Queenslanders support a woman's right to choose abortion - now we need to make sure their MPs do to.

There will also be an opportunity for positive change in NSW -- where MLC Penny Sharpe has plans to introduce legislation to introduce Safe Access Zones around abortion clinics in NSW to prevent the harassment of people entering the clinic. 

But we know the noisy anti-choice majority are also working hard to drag us backwards. Controversial MLC Fred Nile has also indicated he wants to bring a new proposed foetal personhood bill to vote -- a proposal that legal experts have warned would operate as a Trojan Horse on abortion right in the state.

If the past few months have shown anything, it's how well resourced the anti-choice minority are on this issue. Can you help us amplify the voices of the majority of people who believe a woman should have the right to make decisions about, and have control over, how own life and health?


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