Help flood the Minister's inbox with messages for Abyan

Help flood the Minister's inbox with messages for Abyan

A 23 year-old refugee woman has allegedly been raped on Nauru and is now pregnant as a result. She's pleading with the Australian government to be allowed to come to Australia to have an abortion. But the government isn't responding to her request.

Fair Agenda has emailed Immigration Minister Dutton advising him of the more than 3,000 concerned citizens who have already joined the campaign calling for urgent action on this issue. Can you help show him that you will keep speaking up and holding him accountable until he takes urgent action to ensure Abyan can access the medical and trauma support she needs?

Take 3 minutes to send him a personal email at [email protected] calling for his urgent action. 

What should you say? 

Here are our tips for putting together a quick and effective email (because we know personal emails from voters have more impact than copy and pastes):

  • Introduce yourself - Explain where you live and what you do. If you're a Coalition voter or volunteer you may want to mention this.
  • Explain the reason you're emailing - Let the Minister know that you're extremely concerned about the reports that a young refugee women known as Abyan has been raped on Nauru, is pregnant as a result, and urge him to ensure she is brought to Australia urgently for medical treatment and trauma support.
    You might want to specifically mention:
    • The ongoing psychological impact and trauma for any woman having to carry an unwanted pregnancy, particularly one resulting from sexual assault.
    • That legal advocates for Abyan say that the hospital facilities and medical practitioners on Nauru are not equipped to perform such a termination on the island.
    • That there is an epidemic of sexual violence on Nauru - with weekly reports of catastrophic sexual assaults of refugee women. Note that Prime Minister Turnbull recently spoke about violence against women being one of the great shames of Australia, and that part of that shame is the violence being perpetuated against refugee women on Nauru.
  • Thank the Minister for his time.

Once you've sent your email, please forward us a copy at [email protected] so we can keep track of all the powerful messages being sent to the Minister. 

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