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We’ve tallied the results, and are excited to share our members top three priorities for 2014. They are:

1) Representation of women: particularly the presence of women in decision making roles in politics and business, as well as in media and sports coverage.

2) Reducing violence

3) Pay equality: economic inequality and issues affecting women in the workplace were raised across most Agenda Setters, with pay equality coming out as the top priority. 

4) Reproductive rights

5) Sexism

Of course, just because an issue isn’t included in this list, doesn’t mean that we won’t campaign on it. Dozens of really important issues were raised across the Agenda Setters. We've reflected on all of these to help get a full picture of what matters to our supporters, and we'll use this information to help us assess and shape our campaigns moving forward.

Our list of member priorities will be used, alongside advice from policy experts, to shape where we focus our campaign resources in 2014. 

Thanks so much for sharing your priorities with us. We can't wait to start campaigning on these important issues!

Written by Fair Agenda Team
17 March 2014
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