Editors in Chief of Australia: Will you commit to include 1800 RESPECT?

During her June 3rd National Press Club address Australian of the Year Rosie Batty urged all media outlets to include numbers for 1800 RESPECT and other support services in any story they write about family violence. 

During the weeks that followed, thousands of Fair Agenda members echoed her call; and Fair Agenda sent this letter to Australia's major news outlets, asking them if they would commit to do just that. 


To The Editor in Chief,

I write on behalf of Fair Agenda – a community of Australians working to drive change that promotes fairness and equality for women.

As you may be aware, during her National Press Club speech earlier this month Rosie Batty urged every Australian media outlet reporting on family violence to include links to family violence support services such as 1800 RESPECT in all stories.  

I am writing on behalf of Fair Agenda members to ask whether your outlet is committed to including details for 1800 RESPECT or other family violence services in all stories you run about domestic violence?

1800 RESPECT provides a critical support service – in crisis situations it can be life saving. Yet just 8% of articles published about domestic violence so far this year have included it.

Including 1800 RESPECT in media coverage about family violence is critical because many victims still don’t know where they can turn for support.

Fair Agenda members are running a public campaign around this matter, and will be maintaining a public list of which media outlets have and have not committed to include 1800 RESPECT in their articles.  

Fair Agenda will make this list public on the 30th June. I am writing to enquire as to your outlet’s position, to make sure it is accurately reflected in our list. 

We note that we our deadline for including responses is midday on Monday the 29th June. Can you please advise us if your outlet is committed to including 1800 RESPECT in all stories published about domestic violence, by then? You can get in touch with us via [email protected].

Kind regards,

Renee Carr

on behalf of Fair Agenda