Can you make the next step of the campaign possible?

Fair Agenda's What it will take report has shown what federal funding is needed to tackle our family and domestic violence crisis. Already our campaign has helped secure an additional $4 million for 1800 RESPECT. Now we need to raise an extra $5,000 to fund the next step in the campaign. Can you chip in to make that possible? 

Fair Agenda is dedicated to being an independent and un-compromising advocate on issues affecting women - which means we receive no government funding. Instead, we rely on the support of everyday Australians, like you, to operate. Campaigns like this one are only possible with your support.

Note: Under current laws donations to advocacy organisations like Fair Agenda are not tax-deductible. It means  donations like yours even more important. 

See what the campaign has achieved already

Last Tuesday, in the hour before the federal budget was announced, The Project covered the launch of Fair Agenda’s report on ‘What it will take’ to tackle our family violence crisis, sending the call to #showmethemoney to tackle family violence trending nationally.

Which made the absence of any new announcements of funding for family violence services on budget night, a topic of extensive conversation. Including in post-budget interviews, like this one with the Treasurer.

Together, we created so much pressure that by the time Minister Cash appeared on Weekend Sunrise to discuss the campaign, and the government’s inadequate funding commitment for family violence services, sheannounced the government would be committing the funding needed to make sure all calls to our national counselling service 1800 RESPECT could be answered. It’s a great start. But it's not nearly enough. We need your help to step up the campaign and make sure the other parts of our 'What it will take' report stay in the headlines.

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