About Together for Choice

About the campaign

Together for Choice is a campaign for safe and legal access to abortion in Queensland. 

We believe a woman should be able to feel safe and in control of her life, that she knows what makes sense for her health, her body and her family.

We believe that Queenslanders deserve laws that allow them to access the healthcare they need, and that doctors should be allowed to do their job and provide the best possible care to their patients, without risking criminal charges.

Together for Choice is a campaign from Fair Agenda - a community of 37,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and equal future for women. You can read more about our community below.


About Queensland's current abortion laws

Abortion is in Queensland’s Criminal Code. This means that a woman and her doctor can be criminally prosecuted and face jail time for accessing or providing an abortion, except if it’s performed to prevent serious danger to the woman’s’ physical or mental health.

These abortion laws increase the distress, danger and financial burden on Queenslanders who decide to terminate their pregnancy. They also mean women are frequently refused abortions at public hospitals; and forced to wait longer, and travel hundreds of kilometres – just to access the healthcare they need.

These dangerous laws have created a situation where:

  • A teenager who was homeless, and battling a life threatening mental illness, was denied an abortion at her hospital,
  • A woman who had been raped by her abusive partner and was living in a refuge was denied an abortion by her local hospital, and
  • A woman facing aggressive ovarian cancer being denied an abortion by her hospital; and also being denied cancer treatment while she was still pregnant.

These laws also create extreme barriers to access for rural Queenslanders. A woman in Longreach would need to travel at least 600 km to access an abortion. On top of her travel and accommodation costs, she could spend $700+ on the procedure.


About Fair Agenda

Fair Agenda is a community of 37,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and equal future for women.

We are an independent, non-partisan organisation that is made up of Australians from all backgrounds and walks of life, who come together to take action on issues affecting women.

Fair Agenda members take action on a range of issues, and our members set our community’s priorities.

Our community’s top three priorities for this year are:

  • addressing gendered violence,
  • improving women’s representation (for example, in decision-making roles), and
  • protecting reproductive rights.

You can learn more about us, and our other campaigns to secure full funding for family violence services, and to prevent sexual violence on campus, at www.fairagenda.org.


-Campaign content is authorised by A, Gawthorne, Fair Agenda, 673 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000-