About Together for Choice

About the campaign

Together for Choice is a campaign for safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care in NSW.

We believe that a woman should be shown the basic dignity of control over her own healthcare decisions; and that doctors should be allowed to do their job and provide the best possible care to their patients, without risking criminal charges.

Together for Choice is a campaign from Fair Agenda - a community of 35,000 Australians campaigning for women’s safety, economic security and reproductive justice. You can read more about our community below.


About NSW's current abortion laws

It’s 2019, and laws exist where a person can still be criminally charged for seeking or providing abortion care in NSW.

The NSW Crimes Act provides that abortion is only legal when a doctor believes a woman’s physical and/or mental health is in serious danger. Outside of these criteria, there are penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment for women, doctors and anyone who assists.

These laws deny people who are pregnant the dignity of control over their own healthcare decisions; and the threat of prosecution has a chilling effect on health professional’s willingness to provide abortion care on a daily basis.

This also means it’s very difficult to access a termination through the public system in NSW. If you go to a public hospital, there's no guarantee of access. Instead, most people have to rely on accessing this healthcare through private clinics. Almost all of those are on the Eastern seaboard; which means those living in rural areas face additional costs to access the service (which normally starts from around $400).

In short, current abortion laws increase the distress, danger and financial burden on those who need to end their pregnancy.

You can read more about the legislation and case law that governs abortion care in NSW and around the country on the Children By Choice website here.


About Fair Agenda

Fair Agenda is a community of 37,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and equal future for women.

We are an independent, non-partisan organisation that is made up of Australians from all backgrounds and walks of life, who come together to take action on issues affecting women.

Fair Agenda members take action on a range of issues, and our members set our community’s priorities.

Our community’s top three priorities for this year are:

You can learn more about us, and our other campaigns to secure full funding for family violence services, and to prevent sexual violence on campus, at www.fairagenda.org.


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