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My name is Jane Doe, and I'm not yet sure who I'm going to vote for this election.

What I do know is that raising young children is hard work. I know that it often means juggling endless care work, appointments and commitments to try and give your kids the best start in life. And the last thing you need is someone giving you extra jobs to complete in order to pay the bills.

This Mother’s Day I believe we should be thanking all mums for the care they provide to their families. I'm worried that ParentsNext program hurts mums that are already doing it tough; and that one in five parents on the program have already had their payments suspended.

This Mother's Day I'm writing to urge you to commit to end ParentsNext and remove threats to parenting payments; and develop an approach to social security that recognises the value of parenting and care work.

I look forward to your response,

Jane Doe

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