Let's remind them the value of care work this Mother's Day

Between dealing with sleepless nights, feedings, temper tantrums, and the endless hours spent balancing various commitments - raising young children is hard work.

But instead of valuing this work, right now our Government uses the punitive ParentsNext program to force mums who are already doing it tough to adhere to demeaning conditions or risk having their parenting payments suspended.

No matter who forms government after next month’s election, they need to know that voters expect them to acknowledge the importance of care work. And what better time to do that, than Mother’s Day?

Can you chip in to help flood party leaders and key marginal seat candidates with Mother’s Day cards showing that voters expect them to value the work involved in parenting?

For every $10 donated we’ll be able to send a custom Mother’s Day card with your personal message to a key party leader or marginal MP.

Please note: Unfortunately these donations are not tax deductible.


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