How does Fair Agenda decide which issues to campaign on?


Fair Agenda campaigns on issues that help bring us closer to a fair and equal future - one where women have the freedom, opportunity and security to fully participate and contribute to our society. We focus on helping our members have impact in key moments when issues affecting women are in the public spotlight.

Before our launch, we asked our members to tell us which issues they wanted to see on the agenda in 2014. Our members told us that the issues that mattered most to them were: increasing the representation of women in decision-making roles and the media; reducing gendered violence; and achieving pay equality. These priorities are a key reference point when we consider campaign opportunities.

Of course, there are many other important issues affecting women, and Fair Agenda takes great care in deciding which issues and campaigns to prioritise. We make these critical decisions based on where we believe we can have the most impact. At this stage, this means Fair Agenda's primary focus in on domestic campaigns here in Australia.

If you'd like to share a campaign opportunity that you think Fair Agenda might be interested in, you can get in contact with the team via [email protected]

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