NSW deserves safe and legal access to abortion care

It’s 2019, and a person can still be criminally charged for seeking or providing abortion care in NSW.

Aside from being incredibly backwards and outdated, these archaic laws compound the distress and financial burden faced by people who need to end their pregnancy. Not to mention, exacerbating barriers to healthcare for women living in rural areas.

The good news is, we know community pressure can help drive change. Public pressure from a huge community campaign helped overturn Queensland's century-old abortion laws. Now it's NSW's turn.

Can you help build the pressure for change by signing and sharing the petition for safe and legal abortion care in NSW?

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Under current NSW law, abortion is a crime for a woman and doctor, except if woman's physical or mental health is in serious danger. These laws have a chilling effect on doctors willingness to provide abortion, and mean many doctors aren't willing to provide terminations in any circumstances.

This makes it very difficult to access abortion through the public system in NSW. Instead, most women are forced to turn to private clinics, and almost all of these are on the Eastern seaboard.

If you live in rural NSW, you can expect to have to drive hundreds of kilometers to access a termination. The financial barriers to access are also significant - with women facing the upfront costs of accessing the service (which mostly start around $400), plus travel costs.


Members of Parliament,

We urge you to vote to decriminalise abortion. 


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