What will it take? Media resources

What will it take? Media resources

What it will take is a resource that has been compiled by community campaigning group Fair Agenda.

You can access a PDF version of the pre-budget What it will take report (dated 6 May 2015) here.

Media resources:

  • Joint release with Homelessness Australia: 'New analysis shows additional $33.8 needed from federal government to address domestic violence service gap, as cabinet minister sleeps out to raise awareness of problem' (dated 18 June) here.
  • Press release 'Budget test on domestic violence crisis. A test the government has failed.' (dated 13 May) here.

For interviews and media enquiries 

Renee Carr, Fair Agenda, [email protected], 0435 597 976

Also available for comment on specific service areas

  • Crisis response: Annette Gillespie, Safe Steps, 0487 970 019
  • 1800 RESPECT: Karen Willis, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, 0419 438 907 or (02) 8585 0333
  • Family and Relationship Services: Jackie Brady, Family & Relationship Services Australia, 0406 628 239 or [email protected]
  • Legal assistance services: National Association of Community Legal Centres, Michael Smith, 0421 437 883
  • Specialist legal assistance services for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women: Antoinette Braybook, Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service, (03) 9244 3333
  • Accommodation and housing: Homelessness Australia, (02) 6247 7744 
  • Women's health services: Kelly Bannister, Australian Women's Health Network, 0408 061 901
  • Specialist services for culturally and linguistically diverse communities: Gulnara Abbasova, Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils, (02) 6282 5755
  • Men's behaviour change: No To Violence, Jacqui Watt or Rodney Vlais, (03) 9487 4500

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