Before Victoria votes

When Fair Agenda launched at the start of the year, we asked members to tell us which issues you wanted to campaign on. You told us that family violence and reproductive rights were two of the top issues you wanted to see on the agenda. 

That’s why, in the lead up to tomorrow’s Victorian state election, we’ve been working to help get Fair Agenda members the information you need to vote in line with your values on these issues.  

Here's what you need to know:

On reproductive rights

It’s easy to think the fight for reproductive rights is over – but tomorrow Victoria could elect anti-choice candidates to key upper and lower house seats – and set the scene for further attacks on our world-class abortion laws.

Because votes on abortion issues are generally put to personal, rather than party votes – finding out where your local candidates stand on this issue is critical. That’s why Fair Agenda members and partners have done the hard work for you – surveying hundreds of candidates to find out whether they would vote to protect your reproductive rights. 

You can find their responses, and critical information on anti-choice parties, at:

Here's what we know: across the marginal seat races, only 16 of the 57 lead candidates have told Fair Agenda they're committed to voting to protect reproductive rights. And in the upper house, there’s a chance that preference flows could see the DLP and Rise Up Australia - who have clear anti-choice agendas - pick up key seats, and the balance of power, in our next parliament. Make sure your vote won't support attacks on abortion laws - find out where your local candidates stand before you vote: 

On family Violence

Fair Agenda has worked with family violence experts from across the state to find out where the parties stand on the actions the experts say are required to save lives. 

You can see the ratings the experts have given to the four parties who responded to our policy survey at: and below:

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 Authorised by Renee Carr, Fair Agenda, Level 1, 160 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW 2000