Together for Choice: Take Action

#1. Sign the petition

The Queensland Government has introduced legislation to modernise these laws, and a dozen undecided MPs are likely to decide the vote. This is our opportunity to secure desperately needed change — but convincing enough MPs to pass laws for safe and legal access to abortion care will take all of us.

Stand together for choice and help build community pressure for MPs to vote for change by signing and then sharing the petition calling on MPs to decriminalise abortion. Because every woman has the right to feel safe and in control of her life.

Click here to sign the petition.


#2. Email your MP

The Queensland Government has just announced it will finally introduce legislation to modernise our archaic abortion laws! The proposed laws are strong - and provide almost all of the improvements Fair Agenda and other pro-choice groups have been calling for. Now we need to do everything we can to ensure these laws are supported by a majority of MPs.

Can you help us flood MPs with support for these changes, so they can be left in no doubt about what their constituents want them to do? The messages they receive in the first weeks will be critical. That means we’re going to need to make sure our are voices louder than the noisy and well-resourced anti-choice groups.

Send a message to your MP to call on them to vote for a woman’s right to control their body and life.


#3. Tell your story 

There’s no denying that the conversation surrounding a woman’s right to abortion care is a polarising one. But given the political nature of the issue, there’s a risk MPs won’t hear the voices they need to hear most — the people affected by these laws. The people who have real and lived experience going up against Queensland current abortion laws.

Submit your testimony anonymously here: