Help win safe and legal access to abortion care in NSW

Thanks for joining the campaign for safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care in NSW!

The Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill could be debated and brought to the first vote in the NSW parliament within days - so it's vital that we all do what we can to make our voices heard. Will you help create a huge wave of public support, by taking the actions below?


Grow the wave of support: ask your friends to get involved

To win this, it's going to take a huge show of pro-choice support from across the state. Can you click on the buttons below to urge your networks to get involved in the pro-choice campaign on facebook and twitter?

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Send your local representative an email

Many MPs will want to know where their constituents stand on this issue; and you can bet that anti-choice groups will be flooding them with emails. Make sure your MP knows that you want them to support reform, and a more compassionate healthcare system.

You can find a quick and easy tool to send an email here. Remember, the more personal the message, the better!


Call your local representative

Before your MP casts their vote, can you make sure it’s a yes by flooding them with calls urging them to vote for reform this week?

We've got a quick and easy tool, plus script, set up here:


Donate to power this campaign and other fights for pro-choice reform around the country

To have the best chance of winning this fight we're going to need to mobilise thousands of pro-choice supporters in the next few days. We're up against an influential and well-resourced anti-choice minority that is willing to spend up big to stop progress, and maintain a cruel and archaic system that hurts people who need to terminate a pregnancy.

Can you chip in to help Fair Agenda reach as many people as possible in the next few days; and then leverage momentum built in NSW to help reform in South Australia as well?