Join the fight for safe, legal and accessible abortion care

The US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade - stripping millions of Americans of their right to agency over their bodies. It’s a devastating reminder that hard-won progress can be rewound - and that those of us who want a fair and equal future must not only fight for progress; but also be ready to hold ground.

This decision will no doubt embolden anti-abortion forces in Australia. Already the Australian Christian Lobby have called this decision a “tremendous victory” and “just the beginning.”

As a result of decades of advocacy; all Australian states now provide for legal access to abortion. But significant barriers still remain: where you live determines the cost, travel-time required, and number of doctors required to sign off in order for you to access abortion care.

The work of our movement is far from over. We must take urgent action to ensure people can make choices about their own bodies and healthcare. America’s reality can never be our future. Can you add your name to the call for abortion care that is not only legal and safe, but also accessible and affordable for anyone who needs it?

To all Australian parliaments,

We all deserve agency over our body, healthcare and future.

We call on you to protect safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care - and ensure that anyone who needs abortion care can access it when and where they need it, regardless of income.


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Ellie-Anne , 3093  /  signed 2022-08-05 16:31:36 +1000
"This issue is important to me, as every single person with a uterus should have a choice on what happens to their very own body and life, regardless of financial status."
Rhiannon , 3337  /  signed 2022-08-05 16:28:46 +1000
"I’m an older woman with adults children and a Grandson. When I 1st born I was 19, and trouble in child birth, it was suggested to think about having more children. At 24 I had my 2nd child and same complications, this time it was suggested NOT to have anymore children.
I met my 2nd husband at 37, we had older children and agreed we would love and raise them as a family. I also explained if we some how miraculously conceived I would not go through with it I want to live to see them grow and grandchildren. Rhi"
Alycia , 2430  /  signed 2022-08-04 21:06:45 +1000
"Abortion is health care and all women should have access to health care."
Aimee , 2077  /  signed 2022-08-04 11:06:02 +1000
Thea , 3444  /  signed 2022-08-03 19:56:43 +1000
Marti , 3066  /  signed 2022-08-03 12:03:26 +1000
Josephine , 4051  /  signed 2022-08-01 15:25:54 +1000
Erin , 4510  /  signed 2022-08-01 12:12:27 +1000
Kat , 6725  /  signed 2022-07-31 21:47:18 +1000
Rhondha , 2906  /  signed 2022-07-31 16:01:19 +1000
"Everyone should have access to safe abortions regardless of others ethical or moral beliefs"
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