Register your interest: Meeting with Senator Xenophon about paid parental leave cuts

Next month, the Senate will vote on the government’s proposed cuts to parental leave - and a 'yes' vote would drag Australia’s policy in exactly the wrong direction.

The vote is going to be so tight that South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon could be the decider. And he hasn’t declared his position publicly yet. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that we make sure he understands just how concerned his constituents are about this change before he has to cast his vote. Having local voters arrange a meeting with Senator Xenophon at his electorate office in Adelaide is a really powerful way to do this.

Can you be part of a local voters group that meets with the Senator about this? Let us know by filling in your details below. 

What will the meeting involve?

It just means scheduling a time to sit down with the Senator briefly to speak to him about this issue. We’ll work with you and other members of the group to plan the meeting – but the basics are:

  • Letting the Senator know why you’ve arranged the meeting (to urge him to vote against the cuts)
  • Sharing some of the personal concerns you have as local citizens and voters
  • Presenting messages from other Fair Agenda members who are also concerned about this issue and taking a photo of that.
  • Asking the Senator if he’ll commit to vote against the cuts.
  • What support will I get from Fair Agenda?

    We’ll support you every step of the way.

    First of all, we’ll find out who in the area is available to be part of a meeting with the Senator. Then we’ll work with you and your fellow Fair Agenda members to schedule a meeting with the Senator.

    After we work with the group to arrange a time to meet with the Senator, we’ll schedule a call with those who are available to attend the meeting to answer any questions you have about the meeting.

    We’ll also send you a copy of messages from other Fair Agenda members to present to the Senator at the meeting.