Make parental leave an issue this election

Help protect new parents' paid time at home this election

The federal government have just confirmed that they've been forced to shelve their plans to cut parental leave in the short term, but that they still plan to take the cuts to the election. 

It's something that should concern us all -- but it's also a massive opportunity for our community to win the fight for new parents' paid time at home in the long term. 

But to do that we'll need to step up our campaign in the lead up to the election.

Can you chip in a regular donation between now and the election to help step up the campaign? 

What's the plan (click to show)

In 2013 Tony Abbott won votes, and the election, on a promise to expand paid parental leave. Since then Fair Agenda has helped fight off two attempts by the Abbott and now Turnbull led government to cut the existing parental leave system.

The latest polls are showing that this year's federal election is expected to be a tight race; with 18% of working mothers still undecided voters, and analysis showing that 20 of the 21 most marginal seats at the election have more women voters in them than men. There's a real opportunity to make paid parental leave an election issue.

Fair Agenda has a plan to do that, but it will only be possible with support from Fair Agenda members.

Here's the plan:

  • Create quick and easy to use guide on where different Senate candidates stand on paid parental leave,
  • Get this information in front of voters, particularly in key electorates likely to determine the fate of any future proposals,
  • Work with parents and experts to share the importance of protecting paid parental leave,
  • Commissioning strategic polling and research to make parental leave an issue in key election races.

But all this will only be possible with support from Fair Agenda members like you.

We've already fought off two attacks on paid parental leave, and if the Coalition Government are returned, it looks like we'll have to fight another one. And in that scenario, the make up of the next Senate will be critical. 

Please help make the next steps possible by chipping in. If you can't afford a monthly donation, you can make a once off contribution here. Thanks for all you do.

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