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NRL: Take a zero tolerance approach on domestic violence

Earlier this month, prominent Rugby League player Shaun Kenny-Dowall was charged with a number of domestic violence offences.1 Yet he still hasn't been stood down.2

Domestic violence is at epidemic levels in our country. If we are going to change that, we need strong leadership across our community, showing that domestic violence will never be tolerated. 

It's time the NRL instituted a zero tolerance approach on domestic violence - that means automatically standing down any player charged with domestic violence offences until legal proceedings against them are completed, and instituting an automatic, immediate ban on any player found guilty of domestic violence.

The NRL say they closely monitor the opinions of fans. Can you join the campaign and help show them that fans - and the Australian public - demand better?

-If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, you can get 24/7 support by calling 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732. If you are in danger, call 000.-

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Domestic violence experts, and even the NSW Premier have spoken out about the need for the NRL to take stronger action on this issue -- calling on the body to send a strong message by standing down players in this situation until cases such as this are resolved.3

Earlier this year, three NRL players were stood down by their club after they were charged with the supply of cocaine.4 In November last year, the Rabbitohs stood down another NRL player after charges were laid over an alleged domestic assault.5 Yet  the Sydney Roosters have made clear to media that Kenny-Dowall has not been stood down over the numerous domestic violence related charges.

It's time the NRL instituted a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. 


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To the NRL,

We urge you to institute a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence, and stand down any player charged with domestic violence offences until their legal proceedings are resolved.

We also call on you to institute an automatic, immediate ban on any player found guilty of domestic violence.


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David , 3068  /  signed 2015-07-25 17:11:19 +1000
Elizabeth , 4078  /  signed 2015-07-25 17:06:34 +1000
"Just because some one is a sporting star does not give them a right to an amnesty against consequences of their actions lots of Kids and young Adults look up to these people as mentors and role models, so these sporting personalities should be dealt with by the NRL in the most severe way possible and stood down ,in all society Actions should equal concequences Domestic Violence is unacceptable"
Miranda , 2795  /  signed 2015-07-25 17:00:03 +1000
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David , 2104  /  signed 2015-07-25 15:42:11 +1000
"Domestic violence is ethically, legally and morally wrong- full stop. If Kenny-Dowall had assaulted someone outside his domicile he would be charged with Assault and probably face a GBH conviction. Instead he is a coward and can only attack a defenceless woman. As an avid football fan we don’t need thugs like him playing league and setting a very bad example for kids. Have some guts Roosters and get rid of him completely."
marianne , 6149  /  signed 2015-07-25 15:04:15 +1000
"Because it should be important to all fair minded Australians to stop violence against women, children and even to men."
Vivienne , 4564  /  signed 2015-07-25 15:03:09 +1000
"I don’t agree any sort of domestic violence full stop."
Mars , 3409  /  signed 2015-07-25 14:59:15 +1000
"It stinks. Domestic violence is inhuman."
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