Fair Agenda's Mother's Day Gift Cards

A lot has changed since our mums were born. Thanks to those who have stood up for women's rights, our world is a better place. But there's still a lot more work to be done to secure a fair go in this country. So this Mother's Day why not celebrate with a card that supports campaigns for women's rights? Fair Agenda has just launched a range of donation gift cards for the fair-minded gift-giver.

Each card tracks some major advances and changes that have taken place in the years since your mum was born (in line with the sample card layout below); and includes a donation that will go to support Fair Agenda's campaign work tackling gender inequality issues like: women's under-representation in parliament, the gender pay gap, family violence and attacks on reproductive rights.

Example card message (click on the image to see a larger version):


Click on the cards below to order (individual cards cost $25 including donation, full set $110):



NOTE: Cards will be posted on the 5th of May, so you'll have time to include a personal message before Mother's Day. 

Special thanks to Principle Co for their generous support in creating these beautiful cards.