Mother's Day Card: 1940s

A lot has changed since our mums were born. Thanks to those who stood up for women’s rights in the past, our world is a better place. But there’s still a lot more work to be done before women can secure a fair go in this country. So why not help celebrate this Mother’s Day with the card and gift that supports campaigns for women’s rights? 

All card purchases will go to support Fair Agenda's campaigns around issues like women's representation in parliament, the gender pay gap, family violence and reproductive rights. 

The inside of the card reads:

1943: First woman elected to federal parliament

1947: First female cabinet member in an Australian parliament

1962: Aboriginal women's full voting rights finally recognised

1966: Women no longer required to resign from the public service when they marry

1983: First woman to have a child while serving in federal parliament

Thanks to the work of women like you mum, we're making progress towards equality. Thanks for all you've done to help make the world a better place.

Happy Mother's Day

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