Thank you for putting 100 million new jobs for women on the agenda

100 million new jobs for women goal set by G20

Great news! The G20 have just agreed to a global 'gender gap goal' - that, if achieved, will translate into more than 100 million new jobs for women across the G20 nations.

Last week when Prime Minister Abbott announced that Australia would be putting the 'global gender gap' on the G20 agenda, it wasn't clear if it was going to be treated as a top priority; or that G20 leaders would commit to set a concrete goal. 

This goal has only been agreed to because it has had been championed by Australian representatives at critical steps in the G20 negotiation processes - including by Minister Michaelia Cash and Prime Minister Abbott. There's certainly much more for Australia to do on this issue - not least of which in addressing the gender gap in our own cabinet. But championing this G20 goal is a really significant show of leadership. Can you help thank them for making this gender justice issue a priority at the G20?

Why is the 'gender gap goal' so important? (Read more)

Having the gender gap goal - specifically, to reduce women's workforce participation gap by 25% by 2025 - listed on the G20 leaders' agreement will help ensure coordinated action on an issue across G20 countries, including Australia. It will bind our Prime Minister and other signatories to action on women's workforce participation, and also ensure the IMF, World Bank and OECD start reporting on countries' performances against the target - creating public accountability, writ large.

To Minister Michaelia Cash and the Hon. Tony Abbott MP,

Thank you for championing the 'global gender gap goal' during G20 negotiations and ensuring this critical issue was treated as a priority.


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