G20 to target the gender gap

100 million new jobs for women

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Great news! The G20 have agreed to a global 'gender gap goal' - that, if achieved, will translate into more than 100 million new jobs for women across the G20 nations. 

Last week when Prime Minister Abbott announced that Australia would be putting the 'global gender gap' on the G20 agenda, it wasn't clear if it was going to make the final leaders' agreement. With a promise to contain the agreements to just 3 pages (down from last year's 27) there was no guarantee this issue would be a top priority for inclusion; or that the leaders would commit to set a concrete 'goal'. 

Then hundreds of Fair Agenda members came together to help thank the Prime Minister for his leadership in putting this issue on the agenda, and urged him to treat it as a top priority in negotiations. Together, we stood alongside policy experts, women's rights groups and media outlets - showing that leadership on this policy wasn't just economically smart - it was also politically smart. We know it's rare for a Prime Minister's office to receive so much public support for any G20 agenda item, so to receive support from more than 800 voters sent a powerful message. Thanks to everyone who was part of it.


“G20 to target the gender gap”. That’s the headline that dominated the front page of The Australian yesterday. In short, it means that Australia will be putting women’s workforce participation on the Leaders’ agenda at this month’s global summit, specifically -- a goal to reduce the gender participation gap across G20 countries by 25% by 2025.[1] It’s great news -- achievement of this goal could translate into more than 100 million new jobs for women across G20 nations.

The G20 Leaders’ agenda is chosen from a years’ worth of Ministerial and officials-led meetings – so it’s significant that this issue has been elevated onto the agenda. But G20 negotiations are notoriously tough. Which means, if we’re actually going to see this goal adopted it needs to not only be on the agenda but also one of Australia’s top priorities during the next fortnight of negotiations.

Can you help us thank the Prime Minister for putting this important issue on the agenda, and ask him to make sure it’s a priority for Australia’s during negotiations?

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The G20 is one of the most influential international decision-making forums in the world, and the agenda is jam packed. At every meeting, compromises are sought and priorities upgraded and downgraded by Leaders. It’s fantastic that Australia is bringing this item to the decision making table – but if we’re going to see the goal adopted, it will need to be at the forefront of our negotiations.

The Prime Minister has already said that the Leaders’ final agreements will need to be contained in just 3 pages – down from last year’s 27 – which means negotiations will be tough, and clear priorities critical. It’s clear this idea makes good economic sense – the proposal came from a meeting of the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers.[2] But to be a priority, it will also need to be good politics. Can you help show your support?


[1] G20 to target the gender gap, The Australia, 3 November 2014.

[2] Why Joe Hockey and the G20 need women onside, The Conversation, 3 November 2014.

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To the Hon. Tony Abbott, 

Thank you for adding the gender participation gap to the Leaders' agenda for the upcoming G20 meeting.

We believe the goal to reduce the workforce participation gap by 25% by 2025 is of critical importance, and urge you to ensure this issue is made a priority for inclusion in the final communique during Australia's G20 negotiations.


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"Because women are 50% of the skilled and intellectual world. They are equal to men in every respect. If we do not employ the same number of women as men we are missing out on an enormous skill and intellect package that is deleterious to Australia and the rest of the world. Employ more women at every level of government, business and every other workplace. Australian government not doing very well in this regard!!"
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