Can you help celebrate Victoria's historic commitment to tackle family violence?

Last month, the Victorian government committed an incredible $572 million to address gaps in the family violence system in the state.

It was an historic commitment and exactly the kind of leadership we need on this issue. That's why it's important we celebrate - and show politicians around the country that we will not only mobilise to hold them accountable; but also celebrate and thank them when they do the right thing. 

Fair Agenda has organised to present a special thank you to the Victorian Minister for Women on the steps of Victorian Parliament at 3pm on Wednesday 8 June. Can you be part of this action and help thank the Government for making women's safety a budget priority?

With the federal election coming up, it couldn't be more important that we show the community are willing to mobilise around this issue. Getting involved is super easy and should take less than 20 minutes.

Register to be part of the action by filling in your details below.

Will you volunteer?