Extend the consultation for the next National Plan to end gender based violence

Update: The government announced today that the consultation would be extended to six weeks! We are still waiting to hear about access to the Consultation Reports, and so this petition remains open for you to sign.

Gender based violence is one of the most pressing issues in our nation today. It affects everyone in our society: all ages, families, workplaces and reaches everywhere in our lives.

The government have taken nine months to prepare the Draft National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032, a 10 year plan.

Yet the consultation period for experts, organisations and communities affected by violence to input in to the Plan is only two weeks long.

We need more time. Sign now to back the call for a six week consultation period. 

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Amanda Webb, Women for Election Australia
Dr Blair Williams
Elaine Stead
Georgie Dent, The Parenthood
Jane Caro
Jess Lane, Women for Australia
Jessica Rudd
Julia Banks
Lucy Turnbull AO
Kristine Ziwica
Marie Coleman AO
Michele O'Neil, ACTU
Monica Bradley
Dr Neela Janakiramanan
Sarah Moran and Lisy Kane, Girl Geek Academy
Wendy McCarthy AO


A two week window of consultation diminishes this issue to our society and is shallow and disrespectful to our country. We need this plan to succeed.

We request, advise and demand this period be extended to a minimum of 6 weeks as we are in the midst of a pandemic, and school holidays will not have ended prior to the consultation closing.

It’s essential when providing input on this draft plan to also read the Consultation Reports. But the government have failed to release them.

We request the Consultation Reports and the key findings contained to be released immediately to publicly inform this process. 

A six week consultation period would be fair, reasonable and appropriate. We need the consultation period extended to 28 February 2022 in order to give women and families affected by violence a time to meaningfully respond.

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