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Help shine a spotlight on anti-choice politicians

It's just days until the Victorian state election -- and right now there's every chance that the upper house could be controlled by politicians committed to rolling back Victoria's abortion laws -- something that could trigger a downward spiral the rest of the country could rapidly follow. But there's still a chance to stop that happening...

Polling shows that 48% of voters would shift their vote if they knew a candidate was anti-choice. Fair Agenda members and partners have done the hard work to find out where more than 130 of the candidates stand on abortion. But right now, we can't afford to get that information in front of the voters that will determine the fate of anti-choice candidates. Can you help?

- $8 will help reach 100 voters in key seats
- $20 will help reach 250 voters in key seats
- $80 will help reach 1000 voters in key seats

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