Share: Maverick MP attacks reproductive rights

Thanks for joining the campaign to protect reproductive rights in Victoria.

With Geoff Shaw seemingly set to import US style politics on this issue; having as many people as possible engaged in campaigns to defend our reproductive rights will be critical. Do you know someone who might share your concern about this issue? Can you share this campaign with them?


Already shared the campaign? Can you help us build pressure on Premier Napthine by emailing his office and asking him to guarantee there will be no changes to Victoria's abortion laws?

Send your email to [email protected] - it doesn't need to be long to have impact. We recommend simply telling the Premier:

  • Why this issue matters to you,
  • Whether it will affect your vote at the upcoming state election,
  • If you have voted for the Coalition in the past, or are considering voting for them at the upcoming November election.

You may also like to mention that: Newspoll survey results show the vast majority of Victorians also support the right to choose whether to have an abortion, and that 48% of Victorians would be less likely to vote for the Government if they passed laws making it harder for women to access abortion.