Help end the criminalisation of abortion in Queensland

Right now abortion is still in Queensland's criminal code. These cruel and degrading laws mean that Queenslanders are frequently denied access to terminations at public hospitals, and forced to rely on limited and expensive private providers for this basic reproductive healthcare. 

But this year there's a chance to change that. Can you make a monthly donation between now and the vote later this year, to help win the right to safe and legal abortion?

Later this year Queensland MPs will vote on legislation to modernise Queensland's abortion laws. Whether or not Queenslanders win a right to safe and legal abortion is expected to come down to the votes of about a dozen MPs.

Between now and then we have to do everything possible to make sure those MPs vote in favour of a woman's right to choose. It's our biggest fight to date and it will take everything we've got. 

Can you start a monthly donation to power the fight for a woman's right to choose? 

Note: Unfortunately, under current laws, donations to Fair Agenda are not tax-deductible. It means regular donations from members are even more critical to making our work possible.   If you'd like to support us - but can't make a regular donation, you can make a once off donation here.