Help show Qld candidates voters want to know where they stand on abortion

Let's get them off the fence

Most of us believe that a woman who gets pregnant is best placed to make decisions about that pregnancy – and whether or not she is ready to become a parent. Most of us wouldn’t want to vote for a political representative who supports taking that decision away from us.

But right now in Queensland, it’s hard to know when you’re doing just that – because so few political candidates are willing to go on the record. 

That's why Fair Agenda will be asking all candidates where they stand on this issue in coming weeks. And when we do – we need to be able to show them how many Queenslanders are willing to vote on this issue, and how many will be less likely to vote for candidates who aren’t transparent about their position on abortion related issues.  We need to show them that failing to tell voters where they stand isn't politically smart -- and that will take polling of Queensland voters on the issue.

Fair Agenda needs to raise $5,000 in the next two weeks to make that polling happen. Can you chip in to help us show candidates they need to front up about how they intend to vote on abortion law reform, before the state election that's expected in just a few months?

NOTE: Unfortunately, under current laws, donations made directly to Fair Agenda are not tax-deductible. If you require tax-deductibility for your donation, please contribute via our preferred donor relationship with the NFAW by clicking here, and selecting Fair Agenda from the 'organisation or fund' list under 'Donation details'. 

Can you help us raise $5,000?

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