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The federal parliament is in the process of drafting a Code of Conduct for members of parliament. This Code will be critical to creating meaningful cultural change and supporting behaviours and attitudes of respect in our halls of power. 

Any Code of Conduct should reflect community expectations that MPs should act in the public interest and with integrity in all they do, including behaving respectfully within the halls of parliament, and outside its walls. 

Every parliamentarian needs to be living by a Code of Conduct that values respect and inclusion. Our Parliament should set the standard for Australian workplaces, and represent a democracy that we can be proud of. 

As a movement fighting for a future in which our gender does not determine our worth, Fair Agenda is calling for a Code of Conduct that ensures values of respect and inclusion are central. 

The committee in charge of developing the Code are still considering what will be included in the Code; and then they’ll need to get it adopted by both houses of Parliament.

Can you show all your representatives in parliament you expect them to support a strong, robust Code of Conduct, supported by an Independent Commission - to improve accountability and safety within Parliament.

To all members of parliament,

I call on you to support the implementation of a strong Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians that explicitly prohibits gender-based violence and discrimination; and promotes the positive values that I expect of Parliamentarians, including: respect, inclusion and honesty. 

I support this Code being enforced by an Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission that can investigate allegations, and make public findings and recommendations for sanctions. 

I strongly urge you to implement a robust Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians that builds trust and confidence in our Parliament. 


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Colin , 2780  /  signed 2022-10-24 13:28:10 +1100
"Each and every politician in this country needs to show high ethical and moral attitudes to ALL Australians, whether they be male or female, as well as appreciation to other beliefs and religions."
Tess , 4170  /  signed 2022-10-24 13:21:59 +1100
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"Stopped being so dam selfish attitude towards the rest of Australia citizens"
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