Women's budget statement

Reinstate the Women's Budget Statement

We deserve an economy and budget that benefits everyone. Last year's budget treated women as an afterthought. The absence of the government's gender lens analysis of who will (and won't) benefit from key policies couldn't be more apparent. 

A Women’s Budget Statement is an essential mechanism for ensuring the budget delivers for everyne. Before it was abolished by Tony Abbott in 2014 it provided a comprehensive overview of how much budget allocations across different government departments - like Housing, Health, Education, Foreign Affairs, Treasury - were really meeting the needs of women. 

As the Minister responsible for introducing the statement said: "The Budget had been designed by men, for men and before the Statement was introduced, everyone assumed that would work for women as well. It didn't, obviously."

Will you add your name to call on the Govt to restore the Women's Budget Statement? 


To Prime Minister Scott Morrison, 

We call on you to reinstate the Women’s Budget Statement, and ensure that it becomes part of a comprehensive gender-responsive budgeting process in Australia.

Gender-responsive budgeting is critical to ensuring that gender equality is addressed across the entire budgeting process, from budget and policy drafting to reporting on the impact of Government initiatives. 

We encourage you to reinstate the Women’s Budget Statement and improve upon it to ensure:

  • It is integrated with gender-responsive budgeting during budget planning cycles
  • It covers expenditure across all Government Departments, rather than just initiatives specifically targeting women
  • It is done independently of Government by the Parliamentary Budget Office, and with input from the women’s sector


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Latest activity

Stéphanie , 3782  /  signed 2020-10-08 08:47:54 +1100
"We have a unique opportunity to influence how social norms are changing, we know the data is missing on women in nearly ever area of the economy (just read “Invisible Women”) we need out leaders and policy makers to see the value of equity and equal opportunity in society, as well as the gains to be made when these happen and when all voices are at the table."
Marie-Louise , 3072  /  signed 2020-10-08 08:33:29 +1100
Ebony , 2452  /  signed 2020-10-07 23:15:11 +1100
"Women need to be valued & supported. Equal pay and support for Women is well overdue ! By not investing in female employment sectors such as nursing & education our government dismisses the value women bring to the nations growth & economy. It is unjust and unacceptable."
Malcolm , 3140  /  signed 2020-10-07 22:58:43 +1100
"Discrimination on any basis is never fair or just. It is always just wrong!"
Rosie , 3124  /  signed 2020-10-07 22:51:33 +1100
Brendon , 4101  /  signed 2020-10-07 21:09:49 +1100
Laura , 7000  /  signed 2020-10-07 21:04:49 +1100
Lucy , 4103  /  signed 2020-10-07 21:03:27 +1100
Tara , 3084  /  signed 2020-10-07 20:58:34 +1100
"I am a woman. We are in the 21st century. It is unbelievable that a government sees their constituents through such a narrow sexist lens.
Open your eyes – women are suffering, children are suffering, domestic violence occurs in the households of Australians every single day and your government continues to let this happen.
Older women are disenfranchised in our communities, during Covid they have lost their jobs – where is the support for them?
Open your eyes and take notice of what is actually happening in this country."
Moira , 7184  /  signed 2020-10-07 20:51:45 +1100
"This year has seen an increase in domestic violence, the loss of employment and opportunity for women of all ages. The Womens Budget Statement was a way to hold government accountable, bring it back."
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