Letter to National Reform Council Taskforce on Women's Safety

In the lead up to the Women's Safety Summit in September 2021, Fair Agenda joined with a group of peak bodies, advocates and leading organisations representing and working in specialist family, domestic and sexual violence services - to highlight core priorities for the next National Plan.

The group urged the Taskforce on Women's Safety to ensure 12 recommendations were incorporated into the next National Plan:

  1. Expanded support for primary prevention, with an evidence-based, whole of community approach
  2. New, specific investment in early intervention as a priority
  3. Increased and longer-term investment in tertiary victim support services
  4. Significantly expanded focus on sexual violence
  5. Shifting the disproportionate burden from victim survivor to people using violence
  6. Recognising children and young people as victims in their own rights
  7. Greater research to support evidence-based interventions
  8. Reform to ensure a safe and effective family law framework
  9. Prioritising initiatives led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  10. Recognition that everyone has different life experiences and backgrounds and require different responses
  11. Expansion of victim survivor choice and control through appropriate pathways for support, intervention and accountability
  12. Strengthened workforce supported by sustainable funding arrangements.

You can read the letter and 12 priority asks it highlighted, here.