New report shows cuts to parental leave will hit nurses, ambos and teachers hard

Nursesambos, teachers and Woolies cashiers can expect to lose between $4,329 and $11,826 under the government’s proposed cut to paid parental leave. That’s the shocking reality highlighted in a new report released by Fair Agenda and YWCA Australia.

The birth of a new baby should be a time of joy, celebration and of looking forward. Not of anxiety about making ends meet or being pushed back to work before mum or baby are ready. That’s exactly why good paid parental leave is so important.

This new report shows that the government are asking the Senate to approve cuts that would tear away the equivalent of 4 weeks of average living expenses for the everyday families modelled in the report – like a part-time teacher living with her partner and newborn in Adelaide who stands to lose $11,520 if the Senate approves the proposed cuts.

This same family would be left with only enough leave to cover 7 weeks of average living expenses for families like hers. That’s 19 weeks less than the 26 weeks experts recommend as the minimum leave time for a new mother.

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