Our Impact

Since Fair Agenda launched our very first campaign in 2014, we've grown from a community of a few hundred, to 35,000 members - and shown that, together, we have the ability to influence issues affecting women on the national scale.

The Fair Agenda community has established ourselves as a powerful force for change - shaping the national media agenda on key issues, and helping change national policy outcomes.

You can read about the Fair Agenda community's impact since our launch in our Impact Report, available here.


Here are some of Fair Agenda's more recent campaign wins:

$4 million of additional funding for 1800 RESPECT

On budget night 2015 Fair Agenda ensured that funding for family violence services was front and centre of the media's budget analysis.

We launched our 'What it will take' report on the urgent need for funding of family violence services on The Project - drawing attention to the 16,831 calls that were having to be left unanswered by national domestic violence counselling service 1800 RESPECT because of inadequate Government funding, and the thousands of women being left without emergency accommodation and access to community legal centres.

The segment went viral, and was later nominated for a Our Watch/Walkley Award. The massive national coverage our report prompted ensured that the Government faced widespread and consistent scrutiny for their failure to announce any new additional funding for services on budget night.

In the days of national media coverage that followed the launch of Fair Agenda’s report, senior government ministers (including now Prime Minister Turnbull) were publicly questioned about the lack of funding for vital services, including for 1800 RESPECT - the national counselling hotline which at the time was unable to answer 18,631 calls every year because of inadequate funding.

After days of this national pressure, and ahead of a Sunrise segment focused on Fair Agenda's report, the Minister announced $4 million of additional funding for 1800 RESPECT.

Keeping funding for family violence services on the political agenda

Fair Agenda's unrelenting campaigning since Budget 2015 has helped keep the Federal Government's decision to keep leaving thousands of women without access to services in the media and political spotlight.

In the lead up to the 2016 budget, Fair Agenda led a delegation of survivor advocates and policy experts to Canberra – leading meetings with politicians from across the political spectrum, and delivering a joint call from more than 85 organisations to secure additional media coverage, and maintain public pressure on the federal government.

The pressure driven by Fair Agenda's campaigning helped ensure the Federal Government’s announcement of a second funding package in the 2016/17 budget - worth $100 million over three years. This was another important and positive commitment, but is still insufficient to stop thousands of women being left without support. 

So Fair Agenda continued to mobilise in the lead up to the election – keeping this issue on the political agenda, engaging voters, and continuing to build the pressure on the federal government. We teamed up with service experts and survivor advocates to secure media coverage that put the issue of family violence service funding in front of almost 1 million voters in the lead up to election day.

Protecting new parents' time at home

Fair Agenda members have now helped stop the Federal Government's planned cuts to paid parental leave on three separate occasions. 

When the Abbott Government announced on Mother's Day last year that they planned to cut new parents' paid time at home, 15,000 Fair Agenda members had joined the campaign against them. In the months that followed, Fair Agenda members called, emailed and met with key cross-bench Senators to make sure they knew about the strong community opposition to the Government's cuts. Widespread community pressure helped ensure it was impossible for the Abbott Government to negotiate its cuts through the Senate.

Then, when Malcolm Turnbull took over the leadership and tried to sneakily announce his new proposed cuts in the weeks before Christmas, Fair Agenda members made sure he didn't get away with it - chipping in to fund expert modelling showing the devastating impact his cuts would have on nurses, teachers, ambos and Woolies workers. The release of this report secured syndicated print coverage, and helped get crossbench Senator John Madigan on the record against the cuts.

Then, Fair Agenda joined with our friends at The Parenthood as Senators Lambie and Lazarus told media they would pledge the final votes needed to block the Turnbull Government's new cuts in the then Senate.

Finally, when the Government told media they weren't abandoning their cuts at this election, Fair Agenda members stepped up our campaign again, donating and volunteering to make this an issue at the election. Together we met with key candidates, and funded an election scorecard that got 6 key parties on the record as opposing any cuts.

There are now a majority of Senators pledged to vote against any proposed cuts to paid parental leave - enough to protect new parents' paid time at home in the new Senate.