Qld: get respectful relationships reform right

Providing quality respectful relationships education is one of the most important things we can do to prevent gender-based violence. 

The Queensland Government has committed to review respectful relationships education in the state. We know involving experts to create the curriculum and deliver effective training to educators is the difference between success and failure - but the Queensland Government still haven’t announced the funding needed to enable that.

The curriculum review process is underway right now. We need to make sure they get it right and don’t miss this opportunity to effectively support young people. Queensland needs a curriculum that is created by experts, is properly resourced, and hits the mark. 

Can you help make sure the Ministers know the community want experts as part of this process right now? Please show your support for investment in respectful relationships education by signing the petition.

To Minister for Education Grace Grace, and Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Shannon Fentiman, 

Every child in every classroom can benefit from learning skills, behaviours and attitudes that support healthy and respectful relationships. 

We urge you to ensure that respectful relationships education is taught effectively and safely across Queensland. Specifically we ask you to invest in:

  • violence prevention experts to guide the development of a best practice curriculum that addresses the gender-based drivers of violence and is relevant for all grade levels, and 
  • training and ongoing professional development for Queensland's educators to deliver this curriculum safely and effectively. 

Please don’t miss this opportunity to make Queensland a leader in supporting young people and preventing gender-based violence.


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