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Victory! Premier blocks maverick MP's attack on reproductive rights

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Premier Napthine has told media that "while I am Premier, I will now allow Mr Shaw to introduce any legislation seeking to change abortion laws in Victoria". It's a great win - congratulations to everyone who was involved in the campaign!


Earlier this month Shaw announced his intention to introduce "radical proposed changes to abortion legislation” in the Victorian Parliament.[1] Since Shaw’s vote helps keep the Coalition Government in office, without clear opposition from both major parties, these proposals posed a real threat to reproductive rights in the State.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews had said Mr Shaw was "off the reservation" on the issue,[2] but Premier Napthine hadn't ruled out any changes to Victoria's abortion laws. 

Last month Geoff Shaw travelled to the United States on an abortion focused study tour, to learn more about laws in different American states. Shaw's proposals could have seen Victoria become a testing ground for a US style attack  strategy in Australia.

Premier Napthine's commitment is an important victory for Fair Agenda members across Australia, and women's rights organisations across Victoria, who came together to pressure the Premier in the wake of Geoff Shaw's threats. 

But we know that this won't be the last attack on our reproductive rights. If you'd like to be involved in future campaigns on this and other issues, you can join Fair Agenda at:

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Victoria's current abortion law was vigorously debated in the community, and settled in the Parliament in 2008. Despite this, Mr Shaw had said he would push for 'six radical changes to the state's abortion laws', including the introduction of anti-choice 'counselling' - all of which were debated and rejected by the Parliament in 2008, and sound eerily reminiscent of similar attacks deployed in the US.

As a December 2013 Newspoll shows: 85% of Victorians support a right to choose, including 77% of Coalition voters. We don't want US style politics imported here. The polls show any changes to the law could threaten the Liberals' re-election hopes, with 48% of Victorians saying they are less likely to re-elect the Liberal Government if laws were introduced making it harder for women to access abortion.[3] 

Since Mr Napthine's statement Mr Shaw has conceded having the issue debated in parliament will now be difficult.


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[3] Newspoll Survey, Victoria, December 2013

Image credit: Sky News

To Victorian Premier Denis Napthine,

We call on you to guarantee there will be no changes to Victoria's abortion laws.


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Fiona , 5470  /  signed 2014-05-31 22:00:41 +1000
"Whether to continue a pregnancy or not is a personal decision. This decision needs to remain between a Woman, her chosen confidants and her Doctor. Most women who make the heart breaking decision to terminate their pregnancy, have very sound reasons for doing so. Reflecting on this issue, I’m far more concerned about the babies born every day in Australia, who will end up in the situation of being neglected or abused. Please leave these private decisions to the woman the decision affects."
Casey , 3429  /  signed 2014-05-31 21:52:07 +1000
"Every woman has the right to choose and I will not stand idly by whilst my reproductive rights are slowly taken away from me."
Tony , 31812  /  signed 2014-05-31 20:18:43 +1000
Sue , 3078  /  signed 2014-05-31 20:07:30 +1000
"My body. My decision. End of discussion."
Steph , 3216  /  signed 2014-05-31 20:03:49 +1000
Gael , 7010  /  signed 2014-05-31 19:38:43 +1000
"I believe that the individual has the right to decide what is right for their bodies and men definitely have NO SAY IN IT AT ALL."
Catherine , 3121  /  signed 2014-05-31 19:22:58 +1000
"Because I believe in the right to choose and I don’t think far right religious attitudes should affect law making in a secular society!"
Katherine , 3206  /  signed 2014-05-31 18:47:23 +1000
"Geoff Shaw’s proposed radical changes to reproductive rights are way out of step with Victorians’ attitudes. You should rule out support for his agenda or you will suffer for it at the ballot box in November."
Rosa , 4005  /  signed 2014-05-31 18:23:17 +1000
elise , 3933  /  signed 2014-05-31 17:46:07 +1000
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