Abortion shouldn't be a crime: Meet with your MP about decriminalisation

Right now, abortion is in Queensland's criminal code. It's only considered legal if it is performed to prevent 'serious danger to the women's physical or mental health'. It means women are frequently denied referrals and treatment for abortion in Queensland's public hospital. 

Next week parliament will vote on legislation that has been proposed to de-criminalise abortion -- offering an important opportunity to address major access and affordability barriers for women trying to access terminations in the state. 

But this critical change will only be possible if we can build the public support needed to ensure parliament passes these laws. 

Right now dozens of key MPs are undecided on this issue. Before they make up their mind, we need to make sure they hear from the community about why decriminalisation is important.  

Are you interested in coming along to a meeting with your local MP before the vote on Wednesday March 1st? 

Register your interest and we'll get in touch with more information: