Chip in to help win safe and legal abortion care in NSW

A cross-party working group has just announced new abortion reform laws in NSW. The legislation will be put to a conscience vote by both major parties; and could be brought to it's first vote as soon as this week. And right now the numbers are tight.

To win this, we’re going to have to mobilise thousands in support of reform, within days. Can you chip in to help resource this huge pro-choice campaign effort before the upcoming vote?

We need to make sure all undecided and wavering MPs are overwhelmed with messages of support for reform. But we know our opposition will be well organised on this issue. And a lot of pro-choice people in NSW don’t know that abortion is still treated like a crime. We need to make sure they make their voices heard, and quickly.

Can you chip in $30 to help reach and mobilise as many pro-choice community members as possible in the critical next 72 hours?


-- Please note: Donations made directly to Fair Agenda are not tax deductible. --

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