Impact update: campaign for safer universities

For six years of our movement has been campaigning for the federal government to intervention on university failures to address sexual violence in universities. We are thrilled to share these updates about progress towards the transformative change students and survivors deserve. 

Here's what you need to know: last year the Albanese Government commissioned a major review of how universities work.

Fair Agenda and End Rape on Campus Australia have been working hard to ensure that review (the Universities Accord process) recommended action for student safety.

Last week, the Government made the Expert Panel's Interim Report public. Alongside 70 different reforms floated for long-term consideration; student safety was explicitly mentioned amongst five immediate areas for action.

The Education Minister, in announcing the Government's response to that Report  committed to begin progressing action in all of those five areas - which is really good news, and a significant win for our campaign!

The Minister was even asked about his commitment to action on this issue during his National Press Club appearance. You can watch the question and his response here.

Since then, we've been keeping up the momentum with continued media pressure.  

You can see Fair Agenda's TV interview on ABC Afternoon Briefing talking about the need for a Taskforce on university sexual assault here.

Then the Saturday Paper released an exclusive about Universities Australia cancelling a sexual assault awareness campaign.

Then, last week during a Senate Inquiry into consent, our campaign partners End Rape on Campus Australia, and other advocates, ensured the failures and harmful actions of universities were put under the microscope again, and ensured our calls for the government to create an independent accountability mechanism were echoed.

Then last week during the Senate's Inquiry into Consent laws - this issue was raised again, and university representatives were questioned about their actions in this area. You can see some coverage of that part of the Inquiry here.

Then, when Government Minister Amanda Rishworth appeared on Insiders last weekend - she was also asked about the Government's commitment in this area. You can see her response here; and the Panel's further reflections here.

This is really important progress - thank you to all of the survivors, students and advocates who have been part of advocating for change on this issue over the recent years and decades.

The commitments the Government have made so far are really encouraging. But we still don't yet have the accountability or oversight we need to deliver meaningful change for students. So we need to keep up the pressure - to keep our campaign ask on the agenda; and resource the behind-the-scenes work needed to ensure the details of any proposed reform will actually work for students and survivors who need it.

Can you help support this campaign during the critical next months?

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